Individual Financial Planning

Short Term Insurance

We assist individuals in making sure that their personal assets are protected against Financial loss as a result of factors such as accidents, fire, theft or other damage.
Life Insurance

These products are risk based and help you should a life changing event occur. This can be death, disability (permanent or temporary) and dread disease. The policy can ensure that there is debt protection, income protection or to assist in providing for financial beneficiaries and estate planning
Medical Scheme

Access to private hospital and proper medical treatment is vital to all and as well as their family members. RFS provides advice for members to assist them in choosing the best option based on their needs and affordability.
Employee Benefits

Employer groups look at providing benefits for their employees for life changing events as well as retirement planning. This often a good way to attract and retain staff. Products in this area can be a pension or provident fund or a group retirement annuity.

Personal investments assist in maximising returns over a specified period to achieve a financial goal. The goals can be short term, medium term or long term. Products in this category are unit trusts, tax-free savings accounts, endowments and retirement annuities.

Everybody who has dependants or owns assets should have a will. The advantages of having a will includes that it protects the inheritances of children under 18 and these are preserved in their own trust for their sole benefit. It also ensures that your wishes are carried out and it saves you on estate duty with proper planning.
Gap Cover

Gap cover is a short term product that supplements medical scheme membership. This products assists members in paying the portion that the medical aid may not pay due to the specialist charging above the scheme rates for in hospital treatment or through a benefit co-payment.
Estate Planning